BG Soroy Lardo, MD, Internist, Infectious Diseases Consultant, PhD

 Director Research and Development

Indonesia Army Central Hospital Gatot Soebroto

 Division Tropical Medicine dan Infectious Diseases, Department of Internal Medicine, Indonesia Army Central Hospital of Gatot Soebroto

Abstract – The endurance of the nation means the concept and strength of maintaining national resilience that covers its existence in the midst of civilization and strategic environmental changes, towards the dynamic conditions of national resilience for maintaining order, stability and the potential for change (the stability idea of changes). The challenges and problems of national resilience are dynamic variants that require comprehensive thinking on systems, policies and the strategy on national behavior (behavior science), which supported by patriotism and the energy of national health security towards the role of the TNI to fill the zones and accumulation of health development that illustrate the performance of national self-sufficiency and national. The struggle of the nation’s health in the perspective of structural and participatory strength starts with the ability to drive leadership, metabolic health community and agent of change that meets the reliability value of High Reliability Organization (HRO). The reliability that is formed will trigger the innovation and out of the box spirit to assemble a network (networking) for change, so that it is manifested as a performance of professional reliability that heightens the potential of the nation’s health and national resilience. Synergy of the National Health System (SKN) and the Defense Health System (Siskeshan) is a web of links to support the effort on the empowerment of the strategic value of national health.This strategy strengthens the national health network (one health) against the global health threats complexity that threaten the national resilience. The existence of Public Health Emergency global challenges in a form of outbreaks which spreads rapidly with unpredictable problematic, that triggers every nation to strengthen the nation struggle for synergizing the health development under the basis of national defense system.

Keywords: The endurance of nation, leadership, agent of change, Synergy of the National Health System (SKN) and the Defense Health System (Siskeshan), Unhan.

62 | Jurnal Pertahanan & Bela Negara | April 2020, Volume 10 Nomor 1

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