Problem Solver and Critical Point for Education


BG (Ret) Soroy Lardo, MD, Internist, FINASIM, PhD, Infectious Diseases Consultant

Director UPN Veteran Health Research Institute



            The referral hospitals have become a potential source of snowball energy for the country, as shown on the health development acceleration map. The role and function are a barometer of the extent to which health problems from upstream and downstream are moving in a measurable and systematic policy stream, with the hope of reducing morbidity and mortality. This procedure reinforces a progression of higher levels of improved public health.

            If the Referral Hospitals were compared to a body, it would be a small ball that moves quickly on the ground, full of potential energy. To acknowledge the body’s biochemical acceleration in the face of life’s challenges, the small ball will travel across a variety of ground surface characteristics, including flat and “clumped.”

            The integration of referral hospitals becomes a benchmark for the long-term viability of the hospital system (in terms of both services and education provided), as well as for medical research, as a metamorphosis that links hospitals together to fill standard service gaps. The movement necessitates accreditation-based optimization to appear as a dependable performance. Consider the human body to be like a small ball that changes shape by filling in its genetic code, summarizing physical (biochemical and hormonal) and psychic (spirit and confidence) values, and finally manifesting as a large ball that creates body reliability and organization.

            A referral hospital’s role is analogous to how identifying a father would be incomplete without also identifying a mother – this is the role of a teaching hospital. There can be no full rotation of the Referral Hospitals without accreditation of the teaching hospitals, just as there is no full rotation of the split ball.

            Teaching Hospital as a referral hospital reinforcement is a genetic and sustainable change in hospital structures that have a high level of trustworthiness as a High Reliability Organization (HRO) with the aim of patient safety. In addition, teaching hospital structures within referral hospitals carry out service functions based on the patient’s heart touch respecting access and scientific competence and research functions to the touch of the importance of hospital research to strengthen the hospital, embedded in

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Referral Hospitals As A Resource For Nation’s Health