BG Soroy Lardo, MD, Internist, FINASIM, Infectious Diseases Consultant

Director of Research and Development

Indonesian Army Central Hospital of Gatot Soebroto


     Non-commissioned officers (NCOs) or “Bintara” play a crucial role in Indonesia’s Sovereignty. As the country occupies the vast geographical territory, from Sabang to Merauke with approximately 17.508 large and small islands with the diversity of 1.340 ethnic groups, 2.500 indigenous and local languages, and enriched with abundant natural resources, this requires a military intervention to secure the territory. Besides, while the nation’s wealth is potential to be developed to create a prosperous country, this reality is potentially vulnerable and may threaten the nation’s sovereignty if mismanaged. The officers, thus, carry a responsibility to protect such wealth. They also work as the front line to maintain the nation’s sovereignty from any external threats.

   The NCOs ensure and maintain the integration of the territory, particularly in the terrain of the country through the implementation of the territorial development function as one of the main functions of the Indonesian Army (TNI-AD) to foster its geography, demography, and social conditions. The territorial development serves a strategic function for the Indonesian Army through the territorial NCOs posted in a village level, so-called “Babinsa”. Babinsa undertakes its role to create deterrence and regional resilience in multiple aspects including geography, demography, ideology, politics, economy, social, culture, defence and security.

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