BG Soroy Lardo, MD, Internist, FINASIM, Infectious Diseases Consultant

Director of Research and Development

Indonesia Army Central Hospital of Gatot Soebroto


            Have we ever studied the role of intellectuals in nation-building? Since the New Order era, the intellectuals have played their roles, working on solving complex problems and generating myriad solutions and multi-synthesis, for the sake of the nation. Studying national issues is always crucial and will never recede to seek defensive and offensive function to measure the extent to which intellectuality functioning as guidance, contributes to the development of nation based on science-based approach.

The intellectual approach is a continuous learning process. The dimensions are summarized broadly, trying to synergize various potentials and elements of the nation within the concept of empowerment to utilize the theory and concept of nationhood to create a methodology for the formulation of the nation’s ideals.

Learning through formal and non-formal education serves as the basis and backbone of the advancement of the nation’s intellectuality, playing an active role in deploying scientific breakthroughs to realize a better direction for national development. Education, from elementary to higher education, provides chances to develop didactic characters, shapes and prepares the graduates who have competencies to serve the country and become the source of knowledge for nation-building.

            Intellectuality is the brain for nation-building that is achieved through education and research to provide enlightenment. This happens just like pouring out water and flowing it without stop and helps foster an agent of change that continues to be fertile and fruitful as a resource to generate energy for the sake of the nation. The empowered intellectuals will be able to apply scientifically innovative ideas to transform the nation, transfer technology to create justice, and elevate people’s dignity and livelihoods to have a nationalism spirit for a better nation.

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