BG Soroy Lardo, MD, Internist, FINASIM, Infectious Diseases Consultant

Director of Research and Development

Indonesia Army Central Hospital of Gatot Soebroto


       Renewable energy and health investment seem like unusual terminologies as if health development were a problem that could be addressed from two perspectives: technology and economic investment. These terminologies are the ideas based on the concept of our country’s health policy, which require continuous thinking and fresh breathing to ground the development of health, the ability to follow every digital footprint of society, to all corners of the country.

            Renewable energy and the nation’s health investment are analogized as a bullet in a riffle casing, emits its energy in seconds, shoots towards the target. The objectives are the health development goals aiming to be achieved, health transformation that provides spirit, and new technology-based innovation. This is certainly not an easy process. It requires a long learning process, by forging a process of maturity called energy transition. The energy transition would provide strong supports for the capacity and resilience of the nation through potential networks for community participation.


Renewable Energy and Health Investment