BG Soroy Lardo, MD, Internist, FINASIM, Infectious Diseases Consultant

Director of Research and Development

Indonesia Army Central Hospital of Gatot Soebroto


               Are we aware that access to national life belongs to all of us? It lies in the importance of justice and sovereignty. Now is the best time to discern the essence of collaboration and togetherness at different stages of life stratification. How could we achieve this? National life must have a social control to protect the vulnerable, prescribe social inhibiting factors and step toward a better life. Our nation, if analogized as a human body, defines a micro-life, reveals the immune system (immune response) and responds to infectious germs spreading into the body.

                  The national process is a battle transformation between policies favouring sovereignty and independence and dependency-based policies. A collective commitment to solving the Covid-19 pandemic is one of the aspects of the application. Following the rules of sunnatullah, the battle process will run into a cascade (chain), leading to a transition. The battle transformation in our bodies is no different. The process of fighting will expose the cascade of the body’s biochemical mechanisms to neutralize it, or vice versa, the body raises a white flag. In addition, the body builds a new effort, namely the environment (milleu) with its immune system network, strengthening itself to become stronger against the next germs attack. This balance is maintained by infection control in our body so that we can continue living healthily.


National Health Preventive Strategy in Facing Covid-19 Pandemic: Social Care Associate Community (SCAC) and Hospital Care Community (HCC)